Laolu X Redbird Gallery

I emailed Laolu Senbanjo around 11pm asking if I can collaborate with him. He responded about 20 minutes later and asked me to come to the Red Bird Gallery (his studio) the following day. I had little to no knowledge of who he was or the depth of his work, and the only reason I reached out was because a friend of mine sent me his Instagram post of a casting call for Videographers. I was intimidated because he had over a 100,000 followers and had pictures of his work with BEYONCE. I barely had any following myself and I thought that the odds were most likely not in my favor, but I quickly mustered up the courage to shoot my shot by sending an email. And I got a yes!

This was the first time I did a video of an artist painting a muse. Interestingly enough, before we started shooting, Laolu made me feel comfortable by telling me that he was my muse, and that this was my canvas. As a result, the video was a combination of both perspective and the exudation of freedom from the subject and the artist.