With demonstrated expertise in his craft, Daniel Astacio continues to push the limits of his creativity.

February, 2019, Barcelona

February, 2019, Barcelona

Daniel Astacio

Daniel Astacio, a Bronx-native, spent a great chunk of his time in College teaching himself how to use a camera, play guitar and piano, and how to develop websites, all while studying Fine Arts and performing in shows and student films over the course of 4 years. After graduating from SUNY Fredonia in 2013, he shifted his interests in performing to camera and editing work. He started by taking photos and videos of The Lady Tigers: a softball team coached by his brother Christopher Astacio in the South Bronx. His brother received the opportunity to tell his story on The Ellen Show, and he was able to send all of the photos and videos that Daniel captured to the producers to properly paint a visual chronological documentation of the growth of his softball team. It was a huge success for his brother and also a affirmation for Daniel’s work.

Daniel has worked in the industry as a professional Web Developer / Audio Visual technician for many years to keep himself stable, while pursuing opportunities as a freelancer for video and photography work. In early 2019, he spent a week in Europe with his close friends, documenting all of their travels in Spain and France, with the intention of creating a short film out of it. After returning home, he realized it was time to leave his position as a Audio Visual Specialist at the headquarters of the NBA in NY, and pursue his passion full-time.

He is currently in the final stages of production for his first feature-length film which he started in 2017. It is a documentary about Uptown Vinyl Supreme: a talented DJ collective from the Bronx, spinning all vinyl and paying homage to the analog roots of party and dance culture. He expects to enter post-production by the end of the year and he will be submitting this to festivals all around the world.